Survey Analysis Redefined

Find signals and subgroups in your responses like never before, with the world's first AI powered survey analysis engine.


Key features

Analyse free-text responses meaningfully in a blink of an eye!
Identify subgroups of respondents in an interactive and engaging way.

AI powered

The CrowdPrisma Text Engine uses cutting-edge Natural Language Processing to understand your survey's free-text responses.

Dig deep

Identify any subgroup of your respondents who think similarly and discover the key topics they talk about.

Save time

Nothing reads quicker than CrowdPrisma's AI engine. What used to take weeks to achieve can now be done in less than an hour.

Interactive dashboard

Natural Language Processing

The CrowdPrisma text-engine can read through thousands of free-text responses in minutes and group them into topics automatically.

Even better, it will summarize these topics for you succinctly, so you can get an overview of the responses within a blink of an eye. What used to take hours of reading can be gleaned from the CrowdPrisma dashboard in just minutes.

Interactive dashboard

How are the responses to question three related to the responses of question one? The CrowdPrisma dashboard will help you with those kinds of analyses, and much more!

From the uploaded survey data CrowdPrisma automatically detects answer types (numeric, categorical, free-text) and builds an interactive dashboard from these, where each graph can cross-filter others, letting you explore and analyze any subset of respondents.

Interactive dashboard


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  • 1 survey

  • 10 questions

  • 200 participants

  • All CrowdPrisma features

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