• Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

What formats do you support?

We currently support Excel (.xls, .xlsx) and CSV files. Let us know if you wish to use something else.

What variable types do you support?

CrowdPrisma can automatically detect and deal with numeric, categorical, date and free-text variables.

Can I download my analysis?

We are working on it. In the meanwhile, feel free to use the share button to generate a shareable link to your dashboard.

I have a feature request

Wonderful, we'd love to hear it. Please drop us a line at info@crowdprisma.com or in the contact menu. Thanks!

Do you support dates?

We support dates in the following formats: YYYY/MM/DD and DD/MM/YYYY, e.g.: 01/07/2021 or 1976/11/13.

How to cancel my account?

We are working on it. In the meanwhile, please write to us at accounts@crowdprisma.com.

The nitty-gritty

We assume that each row of your file is an independent observation (i.e. respondent, meaning we cannot deal with time-series data). Furthermore we assume that each column holds the responses to a specific question. The header (first row) of the file should be your questions, see example below.

Question 1 Question 2 Question 3
Answer of participant 1 to Q1 Answer of participant 1 to Q2 Answer of participant 1 to Q3
Answer of participant 2 to Q1 Answer of participant 2 to Q2 Answer of participant 2 to Q3
Answer of participant 3 to Q1 Answer of participant 3 to Q2 Answer of participant 3 to Q3

We are. See our Terms & Conditions for more details.

We are a data processor under GDPR (see our Terms & Conditions), meaning we could end up storing personally identifiable data if you fail to remove it from your survey before you upload it.

However, we have no intention to do so, therefore we take great effort to automatically recognize any identifiable variables (names, emails, date of births) in your uploaded survey files and remove these before storing your data in our encrypted file store.

Furthermore, all your survey data (and derivative analysis files) are stored encrypted at in our cloud provider's object store, providing an extra level of security for your data.

No we are not. We are running pre-trained models on your data so we can analyse the free-text responses, but we are not using your data (free-text or other) to train any further models.