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  • CrowdPrisma is the world's first AI-powered survey analysis engine.
    For the first time, you can analyse free-text responses meaningfully and do it in a blink of an eye!
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It started with a simple question: what if?

What if you could immediately see what your survey respondents thought? Or if you had the ability to instantly indentify subgroups among them, who share the same ideas?

  • What if instead of reading for days, you got an overview of the main opinions in minutes?
  • What if you could easily slice and dice the participants based on their answers in an interactive and engaging way?
  • What if instead of clunky spreadsheets, you had an amazing dashboard at your fingertip right after you collected your data?

Meet CrowdPrisma, the answer to those what ifs.

Analyse free-text like any other variable

Free-text responses allow participants to voice their opinions in a nunanced and detailed way. Yet, there is no industry standard for analysing this rich information source.

At CrowdPrisma, we treat free-text as a first class citizen. That's why we put it in the center of our product. We use cutting edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to automatically make sense of free-text responses and find common threads and ideas in them.

NLP is branch of AI that seeks to develop machine learning models which understand human language. These models have read billions and billions of sentences to learn English (and other languges). Among other things, these models understand how seemingly different sentences can mean the exact same thing. Like us humans do.

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Find signals in your survey data

By coupling powerful NLP models with other advanced AI algorithms, CrowdPrisma can scan through thousands of free-text responses in minutes to find coherent topics and common threads in them.

It then surfaces these to you with a short summary of each, providing an instantaneous overview of what hundreds of people have said. CrowdPrisma then integrates this with all the other types (numeric, categorical, date) of collected responses.

Let machines do the (boring) work for you

We strongly believe that AI can be a force for good in the world that empowers people and complements their work.

CrowdPrisma generates an interactive and engaging dashboard from your survey data in just a few minutes. We designed it to make you as efficient as possible in making sense of the data you collected. The dashboard allows you to slice and dice your participants by their answers, see a summary of their main ideas, search for any particular topic of interest, and many more.

That's not everything however. CrowdPrisma is constantly learning and developing. Our ultimate aim is to turn it into a fully functional research assistant that works for you, writing the first draft of your analysis report while you are sipping coffee. Actually, we might be closer to that than you think...

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